While riding bulls in his college years, Jonathan and his parents wanted to start being more self-sufficient, raising and growing their own food. The Texas Longhorn Breed was the perfect animal to choose to start raising on the new family farm. The Texas Longhorn cow is fertile, calves with ease, and are not easily stricken with disease and illnesses. Their lean meat provides a healthier lifestyle with low cholesterol and calories than even white meat. They created Heaven on Earth in Weatherby, MO with a handful of “Midwest” body type Texas Longhorns in 2002. That was the start of their grass feed, lean, Texas Longhorn Beef program.

When Kristina, a horse loving girl, looking for business in the equine world, met and fell in-love with a bull rider, she never thought she would fall in love with cattle. Luckily they were Texas Longhorns, which are like no other cattle breed out there. They are so unique and have the best personalities, which you just can’t ever seem to get enough. After getting married and starting their own family, they decided to start getting more involved in the operation and the Texas Longhorn breed in 2014.

Texas Longhorn events are like no other. People all around the WORLD get together and you would think they knew each other forever. Quickly, we knew that this is the lifestyle we wanted to be in, raise our family around, and bring our best animal to the show to present to others all over the nation. After a few years, we decided we wanted to steer away from the Texas Longhorn Lean Beef Program and start raising more Breeding Stock Texas Longhorns that could produce really nice all around animals and be competitive with some of the best animals across the nation.

In 2017, we started our own brand Timber Ridge Longhorns. Over the years, we have created great friendship with new breeders, seasoned breeders, and even breeders overseas in Europe and Australia. Having a new focus on our breeding program, we have met some of the most knowledgeable and fun loving people in the breed. We love the females we have acquired over the years and are in love with a good “producing” brood cow that is a joy to be around. Our kids have grown up to love them, care for them, and have some of the best relationships with other likeminded kids. They want to be as much a part of this as we do. The Texas Longhorn community is truly a family.

Timber Ridge has grown in pedigrees, but still keeps the herd numbers low to constantly be breeding for better animals. We still have an active beef program; we just can’t keep up with a constant high demand in our area. Check out our Market page to see how to get on the Lean Beef products list and when it’s available.

We were blessed in 2021, with buying a forever piece of property backing up to a timbered ridge on state conservation land. We have big plans for this place, working closely with NRCS to provide a wonderful place for our longhorns, and also care for the land and wildlife around us. Our longhorns love it out here and we love being out here with them. Among the cattle, we regularly see deer, pheasant, turkey, owls, hawks, bald eagles and even the occasional bobcat.