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     We are located in central Illinois and implement a strategically designed intensive grazing program that allows our cattle to be grazing on the most nutritious forages that our area has to offer. At Timber Ridge our cattle have 24/7 access to Purina Wind & Rain Avail 4 with Altosid mineral tubs and Purina Accuration protein tubs. This combination of minerals and protein keeps our cattle happy and healthy out on pastures where God designed cattle to be. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our management practices.

     We are becoming more involved every year in futurities across the country. We have even just begun our halter show careers as our 2 daughters will soon be of age to compete. Longhorn owners at the futurities have been the best we have come across in the industry and we are sure that halter shows will be the same. It is always like a homecoming when we attend these futurities and get to see our Longhorn family. Thank you to all that we have met for making this part of the Longhorn world so amazing for our family!

     Timber Ridge Longhorns would also like to thank all of our customers both domestic and overseas for their confidence in using Beretta 531 semen in their herds. We hope that he will forever change your programs as much as he is destined to change ours.

                                                                                                    Jonathan & Kristina Bentz
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